Described as the honest medium by the Media and many of the people she reads for, Saskia Lee ISM is a highly popular spiritual medium, psychic, Tarot Reader and Astrologer with a desire to share her experiences, leading her to hold an inner knowing that the Afterlife is real.  She is the author and founder of ‘The System of Symbols’, ‘Make Money From Tarot’ and ‘Psychic in Business’, her signature courses that have empowered millions of students to learn to read Tarot and turn their innate psychic talents into a successful business.

Saskia teaches Tarot and Psychic qualifications at The College of Psychic Studies in London, and is registered and approved by the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums.  Her warm, relaxed, down to earth and compassionate manner puts clients at ease, whilst the accuracy of her messages attracts many to both her private practice and her public demonstrations.

Saskia strives for excellence and has spent more than 20 years serving others and runs a busy private practice with the aim of bringing peace of mind and deeper spiritual awareness to those who can benefit from a personal reading.  She is passionate about educating others so that more people can understand the potential of who they truly are and be inspired to live their best lives.  Saskia also teaches students of Mediumship and Spirituality in her characteristic down to earth and practical manner how to discover for themselves a connection within to the unseen dimensions of spirit, plus she dedicates time to charity work serving her local spiritualist churches and awareness centres where you can see her work for free.